At EVENTLIGHTS, we have a philosophy of being the best, not the biggest, lighting company serving New York. We have three guidelines we follow when doing any project:

CREATIVITY: Each project we take on is individually designed, nothing is ever “out of the box” for us. We work closely with other vendors and the end client to create the right atmosphere for your individual event. We are not just a “lighting shop”, but rather a design company first. Our designers source their talents from professional theatre and architecture. , The equipment we use is the most modern, professional theatrical equipment on the market today, some of it custom re-designed for us. Low power and high power fixtures are applied with consideration to the scale of your venue.

PROFESSIONALISM: Our personnel are all highly trained professionals in the event industry, and have the experience of having done dozens of events in venues ranging from tents to 5 star hotels. You do have a choice in vendors you can use, but we take pride in being easy going and cooperative, making event day a pleasure, not a stress. We love what we do and want to make you happy. We have found that creating strong, lasting relationships with clients, venues, and other vendors is mutually beneficial to all.

ECONOMY: What we do is custom work, and while it cannot be done cheaply, we do offer our clients what we have come to understand is some of the best pricing in the industry for high quality work. Our standardized pricing structure has no hidden costs, and we never “over design” projects to create revenue. Our NJ based company owns 95 % of the equipment we use, and all of our own trucks.



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